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We offer:

  • practitioner quality herbal tincturesDescription: erbs are good tinctures (a tincture is an alcoholic extract of a whole plant) to discerning members of the public. Our aim is to provide you with what you want in a rapid efficient fashion. As well as individual herbal products we also sell traditional herbal mixtures. While bespoke herbs prescribed after a consultation is going to provide unique benefit,  sometimes a generic mixture is virtually as good.
  • the majority of the herbs we sell are organic .
  • supplements – red rice yeast is effective in reducing blood cholesterol. Coryolus is a mushroom supplement which is of benefit for the immune system.
  • on line consultations – a face to face consultation is always best;  however at times this is not possible. For those times our team of practitioners is available to provide help and assistance outside normal office hours. Disease does not exclusively afflict us between the hours of 9-5!
  • clothing – t-shirts.