About Us

About us here at Herbs are good.  We are your one-stop herbal resource solution.

We provide practitioner quality herbal medicines to discerning members of the public.  Our aim is to provide you with the herbs that you want in a rapid efficient fashion – if we achieve our aim please tell your friends, if not then tell us!

We will also provide you with background information on certain herbs, pills, and keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of Complementary medicine generally and herbal medicine specifically.

What we do

  • We sell high quality 1:3 herbal tinctures (a tincture is an alcoholic extract of a plant).  Here in the about us section we provide information on how the individual tinctures are made, and the extraction process including the strength of alcohol used. All of the herbs on our site are listed by a 2 part Latin name (known as a bi nomial), and a common English name. The reason for this is to minimise mistakes. For instance Black and White Horehound one may assume might be the same, or at least closely related plant, but they are not. Black Horehound is called Ballota nigra in Latin and has been used for morning sickness , whereas White Horehound is called Marrubium vulgare and is used for coughs. Most of the tinctures that we sell are a 1:3 extraction. This is a weight to liquid ratio. So for a 1:3 extraction 1 part (in this case 1 kilogram) of the specific herb is steeped in 3 parts (in this case litres) of ethanol alcohol. Usually the concentration of alcohol is around the 25% mark. However it is necessary to use different strengths of alcohol  for different plants. In certain herbs, such as Calendula officinalis (Marigold), it is necessary to use 90% alcohol to extract the medicinal parts of the plant into the alcohol. For instance Echinacea angustifolium (bi nomial 2 part Latin name) or  Cone flower (common English name) is a  1:3 (extraction proportion – weight to liquid so 1 kg of herb is steeped in 3 litres of alcohol) in 25% alcohol.  Different plants require different strengths of alcohol to obtain the optimum extraction of the constituents from the plant which is why the plant works in a medicinal fashion.
  • We sell herbal formulae for commonly seen conditions.  These formulae have been created by renowned herbalist Steve Kippax (click here for more information) based on his extensive clinical experience.  Steve has been practicing herbal medicine since 1985 (so currently 32 years) and these formulae have been shown time and again to be effective. We also believe that we are the only site to currently have Haikus (a Japanese form of poetry comprised of 17 syllables over three lines –  5 syllables followed by 7 syllables followed by 5) describing the mixtures.